Loren Mar G. Artajos

Binibining Pilipinas 2018 candidate & Ms. Earth - Philippines 2016

I love Wilson & Ayache clinic and I can’t emphasize this enough.
The clinic always welcomes you with warm smiles and a cozy, high-end environment that is perfect for your relaxation needs. 
Competence is never a question. They have impeccable credentials, not to mention the most advanced technologies in their field of expertise and I’ve experienced it firsthand. I’ve seen its immediate results and can certainly vouch for that. They are always upfront with your assessment and diagnosis and present you with the best options while keeping you completely informed, step by step, so you don’t miss any detail, even the most minute one. 
Dr. Lindsay and Dr. JP were hands-on on my treatments and made sure everything else were taken care of during my Binibining Pilipinas stint. That’s the little secret behind my glow that time. ;)
They truly live up to the promise of spot on diagnosis, quality care and striking results, not to mention how unbelievably approachable they are. Trust me, you will never feel intimidated, ever. You will definitely love them.



Walter Demesa

United States, from Listed TV Show, Lifestyle Network

I grew up with acne prone skin and even in my twenties always battled with bad acne. Being on TV, it's a necessity to have good skin, especially in the age of HD videos you really can't escape it. What I found to be unique about Wilson & Ayache is that they didn't try to remedy my acne by just prescribing pills and calling it a day. They assessed my skin and created a series of treatments that was customized to how my skin behaves without having to ingest any anti-acne pills which really dried my skin in the past and was apparently not great for my liver. Doc JP and Doc Lindsay were very attentive to my skin during EVERY visit and it made my feel more at ease and comfortable. More importantly, it's not just about the acne, they also consider the elasticity of my skin, the colour and tone, blemishes and details which have never been as focused on at my previous derma experiences. My skin has vastly improved and most of the time no longer require a make up artist for my tv show's shoots. I still get the occassional acne break out but it's great to know that Doc JP and Doc Lindsay are welcoming when it comes to any skin concerns.



DJ Virginia Aldea

RJ FM's (100.3mHz) the "Night Flight Show"

I have been "friends" with wilson and ayache clinic for quite some time now. best way to describe the doctors and nurses there? they have been consistent! i came to know about dr. jp through his mom when he was still in med school. of course, all moms take pride in their children and when i met dr. jp after some years, and already at wilson and ayache clinic, his mom had every reason to be proud. 


Coupled with that, i met his wife, dr. lindsay, who is a perfect description of sunshine! these two doctors spell dedication not just to their profession, but to their patients as well. they give you full attention, no matter who you are, no matter what your concern is. they take time, and i mean time, to explain, to explore, to examine. then, they extend their service. Yes, they do run a business and go about it with class and style. they keep track of your procedures and will recommend to you what's good and will politely suggest alternatives that they perceive to be more suitable for you. 


What meets your eye on your first visit to the clinic is what you will get everytime. and it gets better. it's always neat and clean there. the doctors and nurses are courteous and never loud. they have remained that way all this time. like i said, they are consistent - in a very good way!