• Neuromodulators dermal fillers and threads, what’s the real scoop on these anti-aging facial treatments?


    We asked the doctors at Wilson & Ayache Clinic about their favorite procedures. Dr. Lindsay Gail W. Torralba-Garcia, a cosmetic surgeon and Dr. June Paul Ayache Garcia, an Aesthetic doctor agree that their top 3 favorite treatments are neuromodulators, commonly known as botox, dermal fillers and threads. When asked why, basically all procedures have minimal downtime, are virtually painless and relatively quick procedures with outstanding results.
    Let’s tackle each one, shall we? First are the neuromodulators which are commonly known as botox. Dr. June Paul explains “neuromodulators are a form of toxin that are safely administered through tiny punctures on the skin, its effect relaxes muscles, reducing its contracture and tension on the skin, softening and reducing wrinkles. It is! also used to contour and lift the face”. Dr. Lindsay on the other hand explains the difference between botox and dermal fillers, “while botox works on the muscles, dermal fillers are injected into the deeper layers of the skin as a volumizer, as you age, your fat shrinks, for instance, the fat on your cheeks shrink, hence there is volume loss in your midface (the area of the face that’s below the eyes and above the lips), because of the depletion in the volume, your nasolabial fold (commonly known as smile lines or laugh lines) gets deeper, marionette lines (vertical lines on each side of your lips toward the side of the chin) and jowls making your jaw less defined starts to appear”. “Threads on the other hand such as barbed threads are thin transparent long threads with very tiny barbs, provides good anchoring of tissue with immediate and long term lifting”. When asked what type of dermal filler, thread and neuromodulator the doctors prefer, Dr. Lindsay
    ! said that she prefers dermal fillers hyaluronic acid and calc! ium hydroxylapatite, their clinic uses premium brands Restylane and Radiesse which are made in the USA. While for neuromodulators and threads, the clinic also uses premium brands Bocouture, Dysport and happy lift from USA, UK and Italy respectively. Want to know more about these top 3 treatments? Book an appointment with Dr. Lindsay or Dr. June Paul at Wilson & Ayache Clinic.